Welcome to one of France's best carp lakes...

Ultimate Lake

One of the most peaceful and well wooded settings in the northern most point of the Loire Valley. The lake un-fished for over 20 years was acquired in 2004 and has undergone an extensive rebuilding programme, creating a tranquil 13 acre fishery.

This has included tree felling, re-shoring of banks, the removal of all fish and the restocking of healthy carp and cat fish. The construction of 11 fisherman's cabins and a purpose built shower block & kitchen have also been carried out to give our customers the value for money they expect & to provide a relaxing, stress free fishing experience.

The lake was restocked in 2005 with 250 carp all over 20lb, including 100 x 30lb's, 40 x 40lb's up to 46lb also a small number of cat fish up to 80lb. The fish have been fed with wheat & pellet and are all healthy and growing well. The biggest fish caught to date is a 54lb mirror carp and is now the fourth known 50lb + carp in ultimate lake. The lake record is continually changing and the next big one, could be yours!

Our guarantee to you

We aim to provide top quality unrestricted Carp fishing in France for the concerning carp anglers, to provide help and assistance where needed, to give good value for money and to welcome you back time and time again!!

For further information contact the fishery manager direct on 00.33 (0) or 00.33 (0)